Friday, May 10, 2013

New Bob -- THE BIG BANG THEORY ep. "The Proton Resurgence"

To confess: Despite my nearly unswerving appreciation of Bob Newhart's comedy, I didn't watch his recent appearance on THE BIG BANG THEORY because (a) I think we've progressed, as a culture, beyond laugh-track sitcoms at this point, and (b) Bob's already stammer-filled delivery has slowed way down with age (if the episode's preview clip is any indication), and I prefer to remember his sharper performances.

Still, it's great that he continues to get cast in relevant programming, as it will, with any luck, introduce the kiddies to Newhart and cause them to seek out his earlier work.

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER preview on the appearance (complete with video clip) here:

Anyone see it? Reactions?

--Mike Malloy