Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Bob -- NCIS guest appearance

In his first major television appearance since Blogging 'Bout Bob launched, Mr. Newhart will be making a guest appearance on CBS' military crime drama NCIS this month, in the role of retired medical examiner Walter Magnus.

Most sources are reporting that Newhart will guest star in January 18's episode, "Recruited," but the official Bob Newhart Facebook page implores us to watch tonight's episode, "Ships in the Night," so perhaps there will be a surprise appearance at the end of "Ships."

In any case, an appearance on NCIS is just further proof of the continued relevance of Mr. Newhart, who also made appearances on hit shows recently when guesting on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (2005) and E.R. (2003). He appeared in three episodes each of those two shows; perhaps we'll see more of him on NCIS too. --Mike Malloy

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